Practical "Green" Environmental Solutions for the Built Environment


Green Building Systems, Inc. (GBS) has created a "green" strategic business-to-business consulting platform that supports the engineering, manufacturing and market introduction of next-generation environmentally sustainable building materials. Our goal is to catalyze and accelerate the process of "green" technology transfer from the invention stage to mainstream distribution.


Using our specialized knowledge base in environmental science, chemistry and natural resource management, we work to educate and support the decision-making processes involved in development, purchasing, and distribution of environmentally sustainable superior chemistries.The results are products that have reduced environmental impact and superior physical characteristics, often at lower costs.


Further, the "built environment" includes residential and commercial buildings, as well as roads and infrastructure. GBS supported technologies improve the value of buildings, roads and other infrastructure through the use of "green-engineered" materials. GBS supported technologies enhance existing building practices in order to make infrastructure projects wear longer, use less energy and raw materials and lower their existing toxicity.


GBS President, Benjamin Cook, CHMM, lectures in the Pacific Northwest on sustainable business practices, green product chemistry and advanced building chemistry. Mr. Cook's goal is to discover or create practical alternatives to hazardous materials in order to secure a healthier, more sustainable environment.



Future Partners


GBS looks forward to making new business partners in the area of "green" building materials manufacture and distribution. We offer assistance with "green" product manufacturing, and market advocacy as well as the evaluation of existing chemistries for their environmental characteristics.






Green Building Systems was conceived of in 2006 by Benjamin Cook, an environmental consultant, industrial hygienist and indoor air quality specialist. After consulting on many cases of indoor air quality and environmental pollution that sickened children in his community, Mr. Cook went looking for proactive answers aimed at reducing or eliminating the toxicity of the built environment.


Mr. Cook's special background in environmental science and concern for children's health and global environmental issues soon lead to increased research into the current viability of green building material chemistry. Mr. Cook's goal was not just to evaluate problems, but also to come up with real-world practical answers to reduce the environmental impacts of building products and practices.


The result of this research was the decision to form a corporation designed to advance the use of "green" building chemistry in manufacturing and construction. Accordingly, Green Building Systems was incorporated in January of 2007.




President - Benjamin Cook, CHMM, IH


Benjamin Cook has 15 years experience in the environmental industry as an environmental consultant, industrial hygienist and indoor air quality expert. Mr. Cook was the Vice President for an environmental services laboratory managing laboratory analysis of building materials for worker and environmental exposure and field investigations for building-related environmental hazards.


Mr. Cook is a seasoned professional who has previously started and run several businesses dealing with building materials analysis and consultation on environmental regulation. Mr. Cook's current venture, Green Building Systems, offers "green" building materials evaluations and consulting focusing on the principles of life-cycle-analysis and sustainability.


Over the last two years, Mr. Cook has put together the largest environmental program in the Pacific Northwest (USA) that offers "green" (non-toxic) building products for government agencies, architects and the general public alike.


Mr. Cook is currently on the Board of the NW Eco Builders Guild and is a member of Cascadia Green Building Council and the International Association for Impact Assessment. He holds a degree in Environmental Science and Law from the University of California, Berkeley, and is a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager.


Mr. Cook continues to advocate the "greening" of manufacturing and construction practices from his office is West Seattle, Washington.